Love-A-Thon: Snapshots!


Some books are so gorgeous like Exquisite Captive by Heather Demetrios that I can’t help but take pictures of them!  
Rebound by Noelle August has my FAVORITE first line in a book EVER so I had to share.

This year I also won a MASSIVE giveaway from Lissa Price the author of Starters and Enders. I got TONS of foreign editions, all signed! To get a closer look take a look at my previous post
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28 thoughts on “Love-A-Thon: Snapshots!

  1. That massive giveaway you won is FANTASTIC! What a fun bunch of books to win! Love these snapshots–thanks so much for sharing. I still need to read that Demetrios book–I've heard good things about it! -Katie @ Bookish Illuminations


  2. Ooooh, I love that photo you took of Exquisite Captive! The fabric looks like it could be from a saree and so fitting for the theme of the book!
    Fantastic shots Sarah!


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